News from the NEST

4-7-16  Been so long since I have had time to update this site that I almost forgot how to work the It has been a busy year in and out of the aviary. We currently have Greencheeks of all sorts of colors hand-feeding and we have more Dilute Greencheek eggs in the box. Will be setting the Suns and Jendays up this weekend and keeping fingers crossed that the Patties decided to do something.

4-19-15 Finally getting to the end of hand-feeding for this last group of Green cheek babies.  Had 25 to feed at one point.  I need a vacation!  Thor and Zues have hatched their first 2 babies.  It will be nice to have Sun babies again. Fidget and Feathers (an new pair of Cinnamon Turquoise) have 3 fertile eggs that should hatch any day now.

3-22-15 Just pulled in more baby turquoise to hand feed and beginning to shut down for the summer.  As a the babies are brought in, the nest boxes are coming down. Still awaiting the hatching of Cheeky's younger siblings. There are 4 fertile eggs in the box.  On a sad note, Sara and Sora lost one of their babies again. They just don't seem to want to feed more than 2 guess we will have to pull younger or foster any over 2 for them. Also, none of Turk and Cinni's eggs they are done for the season. Going to give them a good long break till the fall.

1-31-15  Haven't posted for awhile, but so much has happened. Cheeky and Peaches were stolen on 1-15, we have 3 dilute babies that hatched out...they are Peaches' younger siblings and are growing up to be beautiful. We also have a our babies hatch from the new Cinn Turq pair and they have wonderful blue color to them.  Tucanna and Turk are back on eggs, with 3 looking fertile. Rook and Newbie have 4 babies, with  more eggs that may hatch and Turk and Cinni have 1 baby that hatched.

12-16-14 Lots going on in the aviary.  Dilutes have 6 eggs, with at least 4 fertile; Cinn Turqs have 5 eggs with 3 fertile; Turk and Cinni just started laying and have 2 eggs. And Tucanna and Tuci have hatched their one fertile egg...unfortunately the other 5 were clear.

12-2-14 Just pulled the 2 oldest babies from Rook and Newbie, they are so cute.  And Dilutes have 2 eggs!

12-1-14 Toucana and Tuci have 6 eggs!

11-29-14 Rook and Newbie have 4 hatched babies at this time and she is feeding them like a champ. There is still hope that more will hatch.

11-22-14 Toucana and Tuci have began to lay eggs again!  That will mean more yellowside split to turquoise babies.

11-19-14 Rook and Newbie hatched their first baby today.  They have 6 more fertile eggs!

11-8-14 Pulled Cartago's babies for hand feeding tonight.  Looks like we may have another Suncheek!

11-3-14 Pulled 2 baby Jendays for hand feeding today. Will post pictures soon.

10-27-14  Sad news that the youngest dilute baby didn't make it.  There is always a learning curve for new parents and this is only their second clutch.

10-26-14  Cartago and Hermosa hatched their 3rd baby out today.  So far the 2 oldest seem to have ruby eyes. Fingers crossed that they may be Pineapple Dilutes again!

10-22-14 First baby has hatched under Cartago and Hermosa!

10-12-14 Squeaker and Robin have hatched their first baby. Needed a little help learning to feed him, but doing great now.

Bluebell has moved north to Minnesota!

Salsa and Tequila now live in Baton Rouge Louisiana

"Rio" (the green one) now live in Abbeville Louisiana and Sunshine the suncheek is a Canadian birdie!

"Jake" now lives in Lake Charles Louisiana