Buddy is a pineapple male and is paired up with Gal who is a yellowside female.  They produce female pineapples and male yellowsides who are split to pineapple.

Olive and Basil are proven Patagonian Conures.

Our Breeding Pairs

Monstro is a 3rd generation Blue Crown and is paired with Nera. 

Conner is a yellowside turquoise split to dilute male and is paired with Harper who is a pineapple turquoise split to dilte hen.  

Monti is a dilute split to turquoise and yellowside and is paired with Queenie, who is a cinnamon turquoise split to diluted. They can produce Mints!

Turk is a male turquoise paired up with

Apollo and Athena are 5th generation Jenday conures.

Squeeker is a male yellowside who is split to pineapple.  He is paired with Bonzi who is a female pineapple.  They are able to produce both male and female pineapples and female yellowsides.

Goliath and Delilah are a 4th generation pair of Jendays, who, though older, will still produce beautifully colored, large babies on occasion.

Mercury and Gala are Sun conures

Caspian is a Cinnamon Dilute split to Pineapple and is paired with Cassia, who is a Yellowside Turquoise split to dilute.

Godzilla and Tootie are proven Blue Crowns

Navi is a turquoise male split to pineapple and cinnamon and is paired with Cyan who is a turquoise hen.  They produce turquoise, pineapple turquoise hens and cinnamon turquoise hens.

Cartago is a male cinn split to dilute and pineapple. Hermosa is a female pineapple split to dilute. They can and have produced a red-faced Suncheek!

Rook is a normal green cheek and is paired up with Toukey, who is a female yellowside.  They produce very large split to yellowside males and normal hens.

Day is a Dilute split to yellowside and is paired with Nyte who is a yellowside turquoise split to dilute hen.

Carter is a Pineapple Male who is paired with Touci, a yellowside hen.